maandag 14 januari 2008

Drowned Horses of Ameland

The wind blew high above the dunes
And the wild,white breakers roared
The cry went up a German yacht
It,s stranded near the shore
The lifeboat must be launched at once
They need us desperatelay

Refrein:Part of the heard of Ameland
Went galopping to the sea
Part of the heard of Ameland
Went galopping to the sea

The harness creaked when the wistle blow
As the trailer rubled on
The lifeboat must be launched in haste
Or else the yacht is gone
From the farms of Ameland
The farmers brought their steeds

The shining sun of Ameland
Is beautiful to see
But round the island all the sand
Is moving ceaselessly
It piles up to create the shoals
And open up the deeps

The breakers came high to the beach
As the gale tore at the shore
The lifeboat and the team flinched not
As so the sea they bore
The boat was launched for rescue
And went succesfully

The heavy trailer found the hole
And took the horses down
The harness held them in the sea
And so the horses drowned
The men work hard but had no chance
To cut the animals free

People now remember that night
That night of seventy-nine
When the lifeboat team from
AmelandLaunched for theyr final time
On the islands winds their manes are blown
But they're now running free

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